Some men plant trees that others may rest by

The Cory Charitable Foundation was established by Doug Cory in 1993.

A recent published interview with grant recipient Mater Foundation provides further insight...

What has inspired you to give back to your community?

The Cory Family Group is a successful group of companies based in South East Queensland since 1968. Our current expertise is principally in the areas of cold storage and investment. As a successful business, I believe we have an obligation to offer financial support to those in need so we are committed to providing this to our local community.

In what ways do you feel good about the gifts that you and your organisation make ?

Providing for the community gives a sense of satisfaction that is entirely different from business success. We are fortunate to have achieved success in our chosen field of expertise, so we started to look at the bigger picture, what needs to be done, what we can do to help.

In what ways do your personal interests impact your philanthropic investments?

Obviously personal interest and experiences do have some impact in philanthropic investments. We have a particular interest in Queensland-based charities but we do not limit ourselves. The foundation regularly provides funds to the Australian Ballet's Out There program which provides access to quality, cross-disciplinary and curriculum based learning for students disadvantaged by distance or social factors.

What other factors go into your philanthropic decisions?

As a foundation we like to provide funds for specific needs of a charity and definitely favour those types of requests. We like to see the financial accounts of charities as we are interested in our funds going to where they are desperately needed and not into administration.

As you think about the most satisfying philanthropic experience you've had, what was the key?

Thinking back, one instance does strike me. It was the first year we donated funds to Muscular Dystrophy Association of Queensland for a Hi Lo electric adjustable bed. We got a letter of thanks from the family who received the bed for their young son. Their gratitude and the realisation of how our donation had improved their lives so drastically was extremely fulfilling. To us it was a modest donation but to them it had a significant effect on their lives.

If you could pass along a message to the people you help with your philanthropy, what would that be?

To keep on doing what they are doing, through their efforts they are making a difference. Their work is important and it is appreciated. I fear without such people our world would be a much different place and not for the better, the gulf between rich and poor much wider, the injustices much greater, and the atrocities much worse.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in philanthropic giving ?

To do it! I feel it is within us all to care, to give, to see injustices and to try and help. Through philanthropic giving you have the power to choose where your money goes, you can choose charities that you have a passion for and particular interest in. Giving is very rewarding.

From a corporate point of view it also has it advantages. You are seen as a good corporate citizen in the eyes of charities and institutes, the community and employees. It promotes company pride and loyalty. It can enhance company recognition and it is a form of very positive advertising. No matter how much you give every donation is important!